Alok Menghrajani

Security engineer at Square. Previously co-author of Hacklang and pushed for adoption of 100% https at Facebook.

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Interested to work at Square?

A simple yet robust approach to sanitizing user supplied HTML and CSS

µ mod player from scratch

A few (easy | fun) math puzzles

Reporting "authenticity_token is not random across page loads" to a bunch of companies

A chess engine to improve my Golang-fu

My experience serving in the Swiss army

git rebase + conflicts with deleted files

Bootloader + retro game in a tweet

A simple, auditable and anonymous voting scheme

Hackerone for open source projects

Open sourcing Keywhiz: Protecting infrastructure secrets

PGP 'quine': a key where the user == the key's fingerprint

WebRTC leaks internal IP addresses

Detecting incognito mode in Chrome

Message Board over PGP Key Servers


A less error prone HMAC-based hash construction

Forth Haiku

I am working at Square

Dodecahedron Folding

Ajsone: Abusing JSON Esolang

Rough thoughts on Login Systems

(minor) WTF Openssl

2048-undo: a modification to 2048 which lets you undo as many moves as you wish

Prolog program to solve "inverting three signals" puzzle


CSRF & state mutation on read requests

Universal logic gates

Various wood (and non-wood) projects using lathes, laser cutters & 3d printers

JSONP & handcrafted Flash files

qrquine: a QR code based quine

Combining React and Firebase: sample TicTacToe game & chat widget

Secure browsing by default

Piet: a language where the programs are works of modern art

WTF Python

Ten Technology Ideas

Obfuscated coding contest

Some dark corners of C (Rob Kendrick)

Know your bits: bit manipulation puzzle

GIF encoder from scratch

GPS on Arduino

Sum of first n natural numbers

A perpetual calendar in JavaScript a linter and visualizer for regular expressions

Mapping an IP address to an ASN

Random list of extinct web or software technology

Javscript model of Ackermann steering

Regular expression to match multiples of 3

WTF jQuery

FAT12 file system "driver" in javascript

WTF Adobe! Adobe Flash: a quirk in TextFields

2012 and older

fun with HP-15C

Getting your first commit in an open source project

219 bytes tron: javascript size optimization fun

Taint support for PHP

PHP turtles: a list of things you might not know about PHP

A simple ray tracer in PHP

A Continued Commitment to Security

LinearML: write safe, fast, parallel program without any garbage collector

(legally) Hacking my manager's Facebook account

Tab nabbing attack

Pastebin: easy way to share text

Synergy: a software keyboard & mouse switch

Slax 6.0 released

TigerTeam TV Show

Managing passwords with Keepass

Covert communications: subverting Windows applications (pdf)

Mars Rover: a computer graphics project in OpenGL

A VGA controller in VHDL

Adaptive Machines

Building Virtual Worlds

Binary Adder (transistor-less)