My name is Alok Menghrajani, and this page is about various interesting and uninteresting things I have built.

My main interests are web security and programming language design. I like hacking in javascript, ocaml, opa and a bunch of other languages.

I currently live in San Francisco and work at Facebook as an engineer. You can contact me by opening an issue.

I truly believe in the benefits of open source. I use many open source tools and have contributed to numerous projects. If you have never contributed to a project, but you are interested to, you might want to read this note I wrote: getting your first commit in an open source project.

The web (and computer science in general) has had a huge impact in my life. In exchange for this, I maintain a set of tools anyone can use.

These tools represent a significant time investment (and a small financial investment too). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or run into any issues.

All these tools are open source, you can view the source code on my github account.

  • a series of computer security challenges. These challenges are open to everybody, and cover various topics: (reverse engineering, cryptography, discovering logic errors, etc.) as well as various platforms (web, mobile, etc.).
  • sharing pixels made easy.
  • a linter and visualizer for regular expressions.

Various bugs or quirks in programming languages and/or web frameworks.