My name is Alok Menghrajani, and this page is about various interesting and uninteresting things I have built. If you notice any mistakes on this site, you can fix them and send me a pull request, or you can contact me by opening an issue.

My main interests are web security and programming language design. I like hacking in javascript, ocaml and a bunch of other languages.

I live in San Francisco and worked at Facebook as a security engineer. I'm currently working at Square.

I truly believe in the benefits of open source. I use many open source tools and have contributed to numerous projects. If you have never contributed to a project, but you are interested to, you might want to read this note I wrote: getting your first commit in an open source project.

The web (and computer science in general) has had a huge impact in my life. In exchange for this, I maintain a set of open source tools that anyone can use.

These tools represent a significant time investment (and a small financial investment too). Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, run into issues or just want to give me some feedback.

  • a series of computer security challenges. These challenges are open to everybody, and cover various topics: (reverse engineering, cryptography, discovering logic errors, etc.) as well as various platforms (web, mobile, etc.).
  • a linter and visualizer for regular expressions.

Various bugs or quirks in programming languages and/or web frameworks.





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